• 6 seats, £725/ €925P/H, 375kt, 41.000FT

    6 seats, €1000P/H, 375kt

    €800P/H, 375kt

    Aeris Aviation Ltd a UK Eclipse Aircraft Representative and provider of Aircraft brokerage, acquisition and sales services throughout the world.

    - We provide demonstration flights at our direct operating costs to individuals and corporates that are keen to experience the true brilliance of the world's most fuel efficient private jet.

    - We provide a complete turn-key brokerage service for individuals and corporations needing to purchase or sell pre-owned aircraft



Welcome to the world's premier destination for the sale of all pre-owned jets and turboprops. As the Exclusive European distributor for Eclipse all pre-owned Eclipse jets featured are fully supported by One Aviation.

Eclipse - Cessna  - Embraer - Gulfstream - Bombardier - Piaggio - Beechcraft - Socata - Dassault - Agusta - Bell


Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550, the new production twin-engine jet from Eclipse Aerospace, features best in class performance, economics and safety. With the ability to fly at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a max cruise of 430 mph, all while consuming less than 200 litres (400 lbs) of fuel per hour, the Eclipse 550 is the most efficient twin-engine jet on the planet. Remarkable considering that the operating costs are 35% lower than its nearest competitor.


Eclipse Special Edition

The Eclipse 500 Special Edition, the factory certified, preflown jet from Eclipse Aerospace, can be delivered to you complete with a 3-year Eclipse Factory Warranty, 3-year Eclipse Advantage Maintenance Program, the Eclipse 550 Avio IFMs package, and new executive interior, and deluxe two-tone paint in as little as 60 days.


Harrods Jet

In collaboration with the UK’s exclusive distributor, Aeris Aviation Ltd, a Harrods Special Edition of the world’s most fuel efficient business jet, the Eclipse 550 will be for sale.

The “personal” jet will retail for $3.4m (£2.18M) with all factory optional extras included in the package plus a customised paint scheme and logo detailing reflecting the Harrods branding.

The Eclipse 550 has a record breaking safety record. It cruises at 41,000 feet and boasts being the most technologically advanced very light jet and lowest cost twin engine jet in the world.
Running costs are around £500 per hour meaning a London to Nice flight would cost less than £1000 for up to 6 people.

An added unique incentive, Harrods is offering $50,000 on a pre loaded store card to purchasers.

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